A Tale of Two Brothers

A tale of two brothers…

Joe is a U.S. Army Veteran.  He came to our homeless shelter - broke with no place to live.  Like so many Veterans, Joe came seeking help from St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP).

One night, when Joe was settled in to sleep on a mat in our CARE Center Night Shelter, he struck up a conversation with a fellow homeless man.  As they spoke, they started to share the stories of how they got to SVdP, and as the night progressed, they shared more personal information. They were amazed and delighted to realize they were brothers!  It had been 30 years since they had laid eyes on each other.

Joe went off to serve in the U.S. Army at age 18.  He served with Peacekeeping Operations and after discharge he never returned home to his family in New Jersey.  James, his younger brother, left home shortly after his 18th birthday and worked at odd jobs around the country. 

Had it not been for The SVdP and our homeless services, the brothers may not have connected or received the “hand up” to get back on their feet.  Here at SVdP, we have services in place to help clients get the benefits and assistance they so desperately need.

With our assistance, Joe was able to secure housing and assistance with the help of one of our case managers. James lived with him for a period of time and was able to save enough money to move out of state to secure a permanent job. Both brothers were given a chance to establish stable housing and end their homelessness.

With your donations, we are able to help people like these two brothers secure safe and permanent housing.

With your help, we will end homelessness!