Donor Spotlight: Anne Marie and Chet Jordan

owls 2.jpg

Anne Marie began her relationship with SVDP CARES by serving meals in our Food Center with her daughter Alexis during summer break over five years ago.  She enjoyed the experience so much; she also began doing meal prep, food sorting and helping kitchen staff.  "I was amazed at how the Executive Chef could create healthy, nutritious meals for so many people with such limited and unpredictable resources.” she remarked.  “It was like witnessing God’s work with the 'Loaves and fishes’.” 

The phrase refers to the Bible story in which Jesus blesses a small amount of fish and loaves of bread, resulting in the disciples having enough food to distribute to thousands of people.  This is what we do every day.

“I was immediately impressed by how SVdP CARES approaches the problem of homelessness with such compassion and with deep knowledge of its complexities. They have built an efficient and dedicated organization having a solid impact on the lives of people in crisis.” Mr. Jordan notes.  

Chet shares; “People could choose any number of organizations to support with their time and resources.  We started to learn more about the organization and the extent of their programs. We learned about their success in people’s lives.  They have a culture of fiscal transparency, efficiency and responsibility. That resulted in SVDP CARES being an organization we are proud to help represent.”   

Anne Marie and Chet wish that more people were aware of both the great need in our area for the services provided by SVdP CARES, and of the great job that this precious organization does in alleviating immediate suffering and providing a path to a better future for people.  Both have recently become part of our Donor Engagement Group to help deliver this message and increase the support of the good work done at SVdP CARES.

Chet grew up being ‘volunteered’ by his mother for such things as stuffing envelopes and for the causes she was involved with.  He became aware of the Bridging Families program at SVdP CARES and wanted to learn more and support that initiative. He has served on various non-profit, corporate boards and business organizations while living in Maine.  Newly retired, he is focusing on helping organizations providing support, education and skill building for families and children.  Raised in Portland, Maine with his younger sister by a single mom in the 60’s and 70’s, Chet’s memories of his upbringing inform his desire to help others challenged with poverty.

Anne Marie has been involved in many nonprofits that include Rape Crisis organizations, ESOL tutoring programs, the American Red Cross, church outreach, Avian Rehabilitation, and Avian Education programs.  

Birds have been Anne Marie's passion since her childhood in Augusta, Maine, and she currently has her own enterprise called Edufeathers. She provides no-cost wildlife education presentations featuring live, non-releasable birds and animals to nursing homes and ALFs.
Anne Marie also has lots of fun volunteering to provide these programs to the children in the SVDP CARES Bridging Families Program.  Pictured here is Anne Marie with her owls (Basil and Scooter) in the Center of Hope Family Shelter here on campus.  “Children always come up with the best questions!"

SVdP CARES is grateful to Anne Marie and Chet for making a difference through their gifts of time and talent, and through their generous financial support.