Help end homelessness.

Step forward as a housing provider.

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Pasco, Polk, Pinellas, and Hillsborough are on the verge of ending Veteran homelessness, and this community is fighting hard to find homes for all of its members. St. Vincent de Paul CARES looks to form partnerships with housing providers like you to end homelessness once and for all!

Families, Veterans, and youth in your neighborhood need understanding housing providers to stand up and provide safe, affordable homes! Beyond housing those in need, partnered landlords and housing providers benefit from reduced vacancies, reduced turnover, mediation, timely payments, and positive social impact.

This form provides preliminary information on partnerships for available housing. It is not binding, but will guide our housing specialists in placing Veterans into new homes. Please share it with friends and colleagues that share an interest in ending homelessness in the Bay Area, keeping families safely housed, and providing shelter for American heroes!

I would be honored to be put on a preferred housing list to provide a home for veterans and families with:
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