Society of St. Vincent de Paul Culture Statement

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, South Pinellas, Inc. (SVdPSP) strives to provide the highest quality services to persons who are in need.  Every effort is made to be the provider of choice for prospective clients, our workforce, the community, funders, purchasers, regulators of services and suppliers. The pursuit of excellence is communicated to all persons served, personnel, the community, regulatory agencies, purchasers of services, and referral sources. In conjunction with SVdPSP’s mission and goal of sustaining high quality care/service delivery, an active performance outcome measurement system supported.  The mission of Society of St. Vincent de Paul, South Pinellas, Inc’s Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) program is to provide a planned, coordinated, collaborative, systemic and organizational-wide approach to designing, measuring, assessing and improving client care, services and outcomes for all persons served as well as vital business operations. The performance improvement program supports the goals of the organization by promoting:

·   High-quality treatment and service delivery

·  The welfare and safety of all persons served (personnel, clients, and                others)

·   Ongoing initiatives to improve client outcomes and service delivery as well     as governance, management, program and operational processes.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi

The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is an integral part of PQI activities at SVdPSP. When a potential area for improvement is identified, we initiate a PIP by first asking three questions:

What are we trying to accomplish?
How will we know that change will lead to improvement?
What are the measurable outcomes we wish to see?
After we have sufficiently answered these questions, we then work to identify actions that will result in the desired outcomes. During this phase of the process we:

Define the processes currently in place
Identify opportunities for improvement that exist
Look for root causes of problems that have occurred
Decide what we will change
Engage in Plan-Do-Check-Act cycles.

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